This library allows easy handling and conversions among several codepages, unicode and UTF-8.
iconv does this also, but is not very suitable for MSDOS programs, for example. It takes thousands of bytes! You can think: Why i need to have greek or hangul codepage translation tables what take my program be four times bigger and a little slower?
    The goal of this lilbrary is to have some user defines codepages ( or none ) hardcoded, and some more others ( or all of them ) in the popular unicode ASCII files.
    If the above aplicattion need tomorrow manage hangul, yo must simply take hangul file from unicode, and copy it in the aplication filesystem, without the need of relinking.

Coding details

Tables are stored in memory in a tree fashion. This can take avantage of "freeing the holes". Unicode usually keeps codepages grouped in the 65535 possible unicodes. This structure makes possible find the unicode form a codepage or codepage from a unicode in a few CPU clocks, and without branch code (this unloads prefetch queue in the CPU, and slows it).
    Additionally, not convertible characters (for example getting a  european codepage code from a chinesse kanji  ) make  the algorithm
 iterate over the root leaf ot the tree. This means no branches and munch more speed.

Aditional features:

Supported platforms: